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Frequently Asked Questions

A quick Q&A to rest your hearts at ease

We really like your work but our wedding isn't for a while, when should we book you?

The sooner the better, we've seen it happen so many times, a couple waits until the last minute just to end up not getting the date or the photographer they wanted. Typically the wedding photographer is booked months if not years in advance mainly for this very reason.

Hey Dom, will we be getting you as our wedding/engagement photographer or someone on your team?

When it comes to weddings or anything related, I will always be the main photographer, no worries :)

Speaking of which, how big is your team?

Currently we are four photographers strong! I have been blessed with an amazing team!

Do you do destination weddings?

Absolutely, there's nothing like traveling to capture weddings in all their glory. We're based out of Florida, expect to cover our travel fees (flight lodging, transportation, etc)

Should we also prepare food for you and your team?

Absolutely, It's actually commonplace for the wedding photographers to have a hot meal ready for them come reception time. Think of it this way, who does good work on an empty stomach? Hahaha, honestly my photography take a drastic decline if I get into starving territory.  Lol, its simply the truth :)

Why do you recommend two photographers for a wedding?

Well it's your special day, the last thing you want to do is miss a shot. No matter how good the photographer, they are only human and it will take them time to get from "point A to point B". Having at least two photographers is an easy fix to this dilemma plus it's twice as many images from a completely different prospective which can only be a good thing.

Who owns the usage rights to my images?

You do of course, you will get full non-commercial rights to all your images, which basically means you can do anything and everything you want with them except resell them. We simply maintain the author rights.

Do you create wedding albums? Do you recommend getting them?

The biggest yes imaginable! They are timeless heirlooms. Our job is to capture your most precious day and in a sense to freeze time so that you and your family and even their future families will always be able to look back on your special day. Whether it be twenty, fifty or even one hundred years down the line, you will definitely want to be able to pass on these memories in a tangible form and what better way to do it than with a gorgeous wedding album.

How many Images will we receive?

Depending on the time in the package you requested, it can range between three hundred and one thousand Image.

How long is the wait for delivery?

Within three days of your wedding we'll have your sneak peek pictures up and ready to view. The photo delivery process usually takes between 12 to 14 weeks.